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Co-Founder and Editor in Chief
Astri von Arbin Ahlander

Co-Founder and Contributor
Lucas Kavner

Director of Web Development and Contributor
Evan Dumouchel

Astri von Arbin Ahlander is a writer, translator, and literary agent from Stockholm, Sweden.
Lucas Kavner is a writer and performer from Plano, TX.
Evan Dumouchel is a technical genius and performer from Adams, MA.

As artistic types ourselves, we’ve found that interviews with artists we admire don’t always delve so deeply into the period we’re in right now – this floating, in-between time when we’re figuring out how to establish and sustain ourselves (and make money) doing what we want to be doing.

Thus came the idea for The Days of Yore.

If you have an interesting profile idea or a question or inquiry, please contact: info@thedaysofyore.com

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illustration courtesy of Gustaf von Arbin (rep by Art-dept)

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